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HabbCrazy is an official Habbo fansite owned by .:Jack120:., SkullArmy, BelieveMeSafety and 000-Jase-000.  They are supported by our team of General Managers Megster, UM8, Anbrina and Seldoms.

Since 2005, HabbCrazy has been run by a team of dedicated staff and managers, who keep the radio alive, bring you all the latest news and make your visit to the website safe and enjoyable. We have a strong staff team with over 50 members who work hard around-the-clock to bring you amazing content.

If that's not enough, we have a forum too with over 21,000 members! Managed by Jag, our forum is a hub of entertainment, staff organization and general chatter. Join the system today and get involved with the community, take part in games and just have fun! If that's not enough, just check out our expansive staff team to get involved with the community even further!

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