102 new furni found


.:Jack120:. 22 days ago

102 new furniture have been discovered!

Varnished Writing Desk

Miniature Pavilion

Green Stash Chest

Gleaming Sink

Four Poster Bed

Giant Houseplant

Fancy Vase

Polished Oak Floorboards

Propeller Lamp

Bureau Divider

Frank's Bubbly

Antique Air Conditioning

Snazzy Star Decoration

Purple Party Hat

Orange Party Hat

Turquoise Party Hat

Black Party Hat

2016 Balloons

Gold Party Hat

White Party Hat

Monkey Balloon

Party Hat Gift Box

Gold Accessory Pack

Monkey Statue

2016 Bubble Juice

tile_fxprovider_nfs name

Spaceman Helmet

Ruby Sloth

Game Hub Sloth

Jasper Sloth

Turquoise Sloth

Topaz Sloth

Beryl Sloth

February Blues Sloth

Emerald Sloth

Onyx Sloth

Jade Sloth

Pearl Sloth

Aquamarine Sloth

Citrine Sloth

Amethyst Sloth

Blossom Volcano

Lovebirds of Paradise

Tiki Cat

Tiki Melon Cat

Lustrous Peacock

Shell Fountain

Luminous Love Oyster

Floral Lion

Vase of Passion

Verdant Habberge Egg

clothing_pjtop3 name

Tracksuit Bottoms

Skater Outfit

Jumper Belt

Posh Cumberband

Comfort Clothes Outfit

Top Knot

Denim Vest

Pyjama Bottoms

Moon Pyjamas

Hipster Glasses

Spotless Tuxedo

Office Tie

Head Bandage

Denim Shorts

Brain Jar

Candy Duck

Flower Power Outfit

Burnished Habberge Egg

Duck Hat

Punk Outfit

Starched Tuxedo Shirt

Moon Pyjamas Outfit

Spectacled Hipster Outfit

Canvas Slip Ons

Nu Raver Outfit

Backwards Cap

Mermaid Hair

Two-Tone Hoodie

Hipster Hair

Dragon Habberge Egg

Disco Hair

Long sleeve T-Shirt

Sports Jacket

Polka Dot Dress

Posh Waiter Outfit

Ripped Up Top

Efflorescent Habberge Egg

Bearded Hipster Outfit

Spectacled Designer Outfit

Paparazzi Camera

Bed Hair

Halter Top

Sheep Pyjamas Outfit

clothing_pjtop2 name

Star Pyjamas Outfit

Off-Shoulder Jumper

Oversized Sunglasses

Noble Crown

Ombre Hair

Monkey Poster

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