[BAW] Finding Bonnie - The Finale


Keegs: 10 days ago

Sit on the pink chair highlighted below behind the cauldron to receive a secret badge. 

Interact with the wires highlighted below to rotate them. The aim is to make all eight wires broken which means make sure they're not connected and then say "done" to proceed. Watch out for Evil Frank, he walks around and interacts with the wires to mess them up!

Avoid interacting with the moving glowballs and flick the switch to continue.

Enter the tree teleport to proceed to the next room.

Sit on the blue bear highlighted below for another cute secret badge.

Step on the arrow tiles and flick the switches until the cars reach the colour tiles.

Enter the teleport to continue into the next room.

Step on the blue coloured tiles and keep repeating "row" as quickly as you can to move forward otherwise you will be sent back if you're not quick enough!

Once you've reached Bonnie, enter the teleport highlighted below to proceed.

Complete the snake maze by staying on the rollers, getting through the one way gates and avoiding the dark grass without falling off. Get to the end marble tile highlighted below to obtain your Bonnie badge!

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Badge Information

  • Bonnie's Back Baby!
    You saved Bonnie and celebrated in Carnival style!
  • Availability
  • Difficulty
  • Go to room

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