[BaW] Helping The Elves


Anbrina a month ago

Room Information:

Room Name: [BaW] Nursery [Entrance]

Room Owner: Frission

Room Link: *https://www.habbo.com/room/71548184

Step 1

Wait for the gates to open.

Step 2

When the gates open, avoid the orbs for one minute. 
Once the minute is up, run through the gates.

Step 3

Enter the teleport.

Step 4

Male your way across without falling off the rollers or come in contact with a snow puff.

Step 5

Enter the teleport.

Step 6

Wait in line.

Step 7

You have 1 minute to complete this game.
Use the arrow tiles to guide the Normal Elf to the ring plate on the other side of the train.
You may need to zoom out to be able to see.
You can also use these moves to help you: 
2 up, 3 right, 12 up, 1 right, 11 up, 5 left.
Once the elf is on the ring plate, step on the middle tile.

Step 8

Enter the teleport.

Step 9

Walk onto the stairs to begin.

Step 10

Make your way over the bridge while avoiding the coal coming at you. 
The pink plushy at the top will tell you which row the coal will travel down next.
Once you get to the top, flick the switch.

Step 11

Enter the teleport.

Step 12

Use one of the items indicated. This changes at random.


Step 13

Wait in line.

Step 14

Flick the switch when the color wheel is the same color as the box in front of you (white, blue, pink).

Step 15

Enter the teleport.

Step 16

Wait for the story to finish.
Sit on the chair and say Yes.

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  • I know an Elf that collects Candy Canes...
    ...they are all in mint condition.
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