Christmas Game - Day 12


Anbrina a month ago

Room Information

Room Owner: WaltzMatilda

Room Name:  Advent Xmas Games Calendar

Room Link:

Step 1: 

Enter the teleporter under number 12

Step 2:

Stand next to, or on the numbered objects. You have 3 minutes to get all of the objects.

1, Books

2. Christmas Pudding

3. Office Clutter 

4. Books

5. Pencil

6. Elven Rocking Chair

Step 3:

Go up the stairs by clicking on the stair block. 

Step 4:

Stand next to the numbered object and say the keywords

7. Hall Paintings

8. Stair Blocks

9. Singing Elf 

Step 5:

Once you get all 9 keywords a switch will appear, but remember, only one person at a time can switch it! 

 Once you switch it, you'll get your prize!

Good luck! 

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  • December 12, 2016
    Santa´s Magical Castle
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