Christmas Game - Day 13


Anbrina a month ago

Room Information

Room Owner: WaltzMatilda

Room Name:  Advent Xmas Games Calendar

Room Link:

Step 1: 

Enter the teleporter under number 13

Step 2

Step on the Citadel Tiles and say the following keywords to put the Elves to bed. Make sure to be on the right tile for each elf.

1. Hockety Pockety Greedy Elf - Bed 1

2. Hockety Pockety Sassy Elf  - Bed 2

3. Hockety Pockety Singing Elf - Bed 3

4. Hockety Pockety Singing Elf - Bed 4

5. Hockety Pockety Chubby Elf - Bed 5

6. Hockety Pockety Redhead Elf  - Bed 6

Step 3

Once all the elves are in bed say "good night" to get your badge! Only one person at a time can get it!

Good luck!

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Badge Information

  • December 13, 2016
    Santa´s Magical Castle
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