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Room Information

Room Owner: pixierockstar

Room Name:  Christmas Cooking with HabbCrazy

Room Link: https://www.habbo.com/room/66152203

Step 1: 

Enter the teleporter to start your Christmas Adventure!

Step 2:

Walk through the grocery store and maybe pick up a few needed groceries?

Step 3:

Wait in the queue until your turn.

Step 4:

Time to go home! Once its your turn, use the arrow plates to get home safely! 

Step 5: 

Once you are on one of the green tiles, step on the ring plate to teleport to the door.


Step 6:

It's time to get those Christmas Decorations, out! Say the furni mottos to bring them downstairs

1.  Any presents under it yet?

2. Can you find yours?

3. Enough room for the entire family

4. It's rude to eat standing up

Step 7:

Once the decorations are all put up, you will be teleported to the door

Step 8:

Wait in the queue until your turn.

Step 9:

Once it is your turn, hit the 4 switches below, and step on the two tiles to open the door.

Step 10:

Once everything is on the tiles, the door to the teleporter will open up. 

Step 11:

Move the food to the oven by saying the following puns:

1. Lettuce Celebrate

2. Nice to meat you

3. Bacon me crazy

4. Oliv e You

5. Eggciting Stuff

(I apologize for the puns.)

Step 12:

Once the food is in the oven, the teleporter will appear.

Step 13:

Walk on the citadel tiles to get teleported to the tiles. NOTE: This is completely random and will change.

Step 14:

Enter the teleporter

Step 15:

Walk to the teleporter, BUT FIRST, there is a secret to this room. Can you find it? It might give you a little cheat to get the badge. 


Step behind the DIY Christmas Tree to reveal a special tele to skip the final room! Can't get into it? Click where the smaller square is to get into it!

Step 16:

Wait in the queue until its your turn


Step 17

Once it is your turn, double click the puzzle box to the green tile. MAKE SURE THE BOX GOES OVER THE GREEN TILE TO TELEPORT.


Step 18:

Congratulations, you're done! Enter the teleporter for your badge!

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  • Christmas Cooking with HabbCrazy
    I love food, food loves me, good thing I'm always hungry!
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