Love Parade Bundle


Jollity 12 days ago

Who does not love bundles? Habbo have released another bundle and this has been a huge improvement from the bad ones they recently done. You will also get the badge as shown. 

Step One:

What you need to do is just buy the bundle for 99c by going to the catalog and clicking Room Bundles and then  Love Parade Bundle. This is the screen you will be prompted to:

Just click buy! 

Alternative Step:

This is the more common way and this is how I buy bundles when I buy them just go to THIS LINK and find this on the list:

Fill in the form & make the bundle and the badge yours, straight away!

Preview of Bundle:

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Badge Information

  • Love Parade Bundle
    For purchasing the Love Parade Bundle
  • Availability
    Not Available
  • Difficulty

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