[Puhekupla] Tim Burton


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Room Information

Room Name: [Puhekupla] Tim Burton

Room Owner: Imogen21702

Step 1

Enter the teleport shown.

Step 2

Flip all of the switches shown below. They must all be lit up for them to count! (If they're not lit up, flip it again.) Once they are all lit up, say Done

Step 3

Step on the correct fish.

Step 4

Enter the teleport shown

Step 5

Step on the arrow tiles in the corner to enter the arena.

Step 6

Step on the arrow tiles to begin. Avoid the elves as you make your way to the arrow tiles on the other side of the arena.

Step 7

Enter the teleport when you make it through.

Step 8

Wait in line.

Step 9

You have 60 seconds to complete the following game.
While avoiding the balls, stand on all of the colour tiles in the arena and on each one say left right forward stay. 
Each tile you do this one will turn a red tile green. 
Once all of the tiles are green, stand on a colour tile and say Done.

Step 10

Enter the teleport.

Step 11

Use the correct piece of furniture in the room to be teleported.
This changes every time.

Step 12

Enter the teleport.

Step 13

Wait in line.

Step 14

You have 30 seconds to complete this game.
Using the arrow tiles, guide the chem set to the pressure plate.
Once it has reached the pressure plate, step on the middle tile.

(I don't know Frankenstein... I just don't know...)

Step 15

Enter the teleport.

Step 16

Interact with all of the furniture shown below in order to turn the tiles green. 
To turn one of the tiles green, say What can you build?
Once all of the tiles are green, say Done.

Step 17

Enter the teleport to get your badge!

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