Alt Codes

Alt codes are codes produced on your computer that create special symbols or pictures on Habbo, such as a fish, hearts, stars and much more. They're called "Alt Codes" because you use the Alt Key and your number pad to create them.

How do I use them?
To use these Alt Codes, simply hold down your left Alt key on your keyboard followed by the numbers using your number pad (the numbers on the right, not along the top).

I have a laptop and don't have a number pad!?
If you're using a laptop, youe number pad is combined with your keyboard. To acess the number pad on your laptop, hold down the function key (FN Key) and the F11 Key. This will turn the number pad on. You can now use the following keys:

Key on keyboard Number Pad Outcome
M 0
J 1
K 2
L 3
U 4
I 5
O 6
7 7
8 8
9 9

Remember to turn off the number pad by holding down the function key (FN Key) and the F11 Key. If you don't do this, then some letters will be displaying as numbers!

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