Builders Club


Have you ever wanted to build a room with huge collection of furni? Tired of counting your credits to finish a room? Or do you simply want to let your creativity flow? Builders Club is your ultimate solution


It's as easy as 1 - 2 - FREE

  • Select one of your rooms or create a new one
  • Open Builders Club Warehouse
  • Drag and drop items into your room

Hint: If you want to pick all of the Builders Club furniture out of your room leaving the rest of your purchased furniture in place use the command ":pickallbc" into the chat bar.


What is Builders Club?
Builders Club is a new feature which gives you the ability to use a virtual warehouse full of furniture. (NOTE: Not all furniture items that Habbo offers are in the warehouse and it changes randomly).

Free Trial:
All Habbos have a free trial. Please note however, that if you use Builders Club furniture with the Free Trial other Habbos can NOT enter your room unless you have an active subscription to Builders Club.

When you become a member of the Builders Club your rooms become accessible to the public so that all can enjoy your creations. You will also receive a permanent increase to the amount of builders club furniture you are permitted to use.

Expired Membership:
If your membership ends, your rooms and furni limit will remain intact. The rooms made with builders club furni will simply become locked for visitors, but you can continue to enter and work on them by yourself. Your furni limit will not reset and if you choose to subscribe again the rooms will unlock automatically and you will receive teh usual 250 boost to your furni limit.

Furni Limit:
You can only have a certain number of Builders Club furniture in your rooms. New users start with 100.
When you become a member you get a permanent boost to the furniture limit (up to 1000).
After your initial subscription, you'll get an extra 250 boost to your furni limit each month.
Further permanent furni limit upgrades can be purchased through the builders club warehouse or furni cata.

Badges You Get:


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