Duckets have been introduced to Habbo! Duckets are a second currency of Habbo and can be used for a variety of things. You can earn duckets just by logging on to habbo everyday and working on your habbo Citizenship track or any other suprise Habbo may add!

With duckets you can do things such as rent virtual furniture (furni), paint you Habbo room, buy an animal as well as their accessories, and also get avatar effects! 

When you rent something it last 7 days unless you extend the rent time. The price of the item you want to rent depends on the item! When you rent something it will appear under the 'rentables' tab in your inventory.

When you place a rented item into your room, the 7 day rent time clock starts. You can rent the item out for longer by clicking the button that says "Extend" but doing this will also cost you more duckets.

As you can see you can also buy-out an item but this will require coins! You can also see the time left on your item by clicking on it. When an item is about to run out, it will be marked with a red exclamation point!

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