Habbo Club

Habbo Club is an exclusive members only clubs. It gives you access to exclusive features that regular Habbos don't have. HC Club costs 25 credits per month, but 3 months is 60 credits. You could also wait until you have 5 days of HC left and Habbo will discount the price to renew to 20 credits. If you're a member of HC Club, you'll get access to everything which is shown below.

  • HC Badge
  • Exclusive Hair + clothing styles
  • Exclusive HC clothing colour palette
  • FREE monthly gift
  • Earning twice the amount of Duckets
  • Wardrobe tool to save your stylish looks
  • Ability to double your friends list (up to 1100!)
  • Premium queue for public rooms
  • Ability to create your own groups
  • Exclusive HC room layouts
  • Special commands, like :furni (select furni) and :chooser (select users)
  • Additional dances, chat bubbles and actions
HC Club Rooms

If you are a member of HC Club, you get access to the rooms shown below. If your membership runs out, you can still keep the rooms you have created.


Three Extra Dances
As a HC Club member, you also get three (3) new dances. These dances are: The Rollie, Pogo Mogo and the Duck Funk. You also get the normal dance, the Hab-Hop.

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