Pets are little companions for your Habbo that you can take around the Hotel with you. There are six (6) different pets you can have, which are; Pigs, Terriers, Bears, Cats, Dogs, Crocodiles, Lions, Spiders, Frogs and Rhinos. All of these come in a different range of colors.

All of these can be bought under the "Pet Shop" section in the Catalogue.

There is also a range of different accessories that you can purchase for your pet, such as baskets, food, treats, play toys, and water bowls.

As you look after your pet, you will gain experience for your pet. Every time you get a particular amount of experience, your pet gains a level. The higher your pets level, the more commands you can teach your pet, and the more obedient your pet gets.

Experience: To level up, you need to gain experience. You can gain experience by training your pet and getting other Habbo's to scratch your pet.

Energy: To train your pet, your pet requires energy. Without energy, your pet will refuse to obey your commands. You can gain energy by feeding your pet a treat, which will produce energy immediately, feeding your pet food which will produce nutrition which will convert to energy, or by simply letting your pet rest in their basket (will take longer than feeding your pet food).

Nutrition: Every time you feed your pet, it will gain nutrition. Once you have used up all your pets energy, the nutrition will then be converted to energy so that you can play with your pet more.

Age: As every day goes by, your pet will get 1 day older. Just like humans, as it gets old, it gets more tired, sleeps more, and it stops running around as much. This does not happen until its around 100-125 days old though.

Scratches: You have up to three (3) scratches per day, which you can give to any pet. Scratches give the pet 10 points each, which increase their experience points and make the pet more likely to obey your command.

Looking after your pet: "A pet is for life, not just for christmas". Taking care of your pet is really easy. To take care of your pet, all you have to do is purchase some accessories for your pet such as a water bowl, a ball, and some food. Your pet will only need feeding when its nutrition is low. Once your pet's water bowl is empty, simply double click it to refill it.

When your pet gets hungry or thirsty, it will look for some food or drink. If there is no food or drink around then it will begin to beg for food or drink. You can take your pet to other Habbo's rooms, and if you're lucky they may let your pet eat some of their food!

Training: You gain experience, levels, badges and achievements; you can train your pet different commands.

Each pet has a level and you can go as high as level 20. The level gained never goes down.

On the first level, you can only teach your pet one simple command. However, you will unlock additional commands as your pet levels up. Every successful command your pet does will result in your pet gaining experience points. When points are received, a yellow star will appear temporarily on top of their head. Whilst your pet gets experience for doing tricks, you should bear in mind that it will also make your pet get tired and will reduce its energy.

So, remember to give your pet a rest by selecting 'free' when it no longer obeys you due to being tired.

Commands: Pets have special relationships with their owners, as they are the ones that take care of them. Your pet knows that, which is why it's sometimes better behaved for its Habbo owner. It is also the reason the pet will only do some commands if the owner is telling them to.

Commands anyone can use are sit: Makes the pet sit down
lie down: Gets the pet to lie down
jump: Makes the pet jump up
speak: Gets the pet to bark/meow, etc.
good: Boosts pet's ego and makes them happy

These commands can only be used by the pet owner heel: Gets your pet to follow you
come here: Makes your pet come to you
beg: The pet will beg for a reward from you
go away: Your pet will move away from you
bad: Tells your pet off
sleep: Makes your pet go back to its basket for a nap
play dead: Your pet will roll onto its back and "play dead" for a few minutes

A few things you should know:

  • You can place your pet in your room or take one for a walk with you in other rooms.
  • You can't trade your pet, but they can go to your friends rooms to gather Scratches.
  • You can have as many pets in your room as you choose, but look after them all!
  • Look after your pet with food, water, and treats.
  • Unlock Badges and Achievements by training.

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