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Maybe you're an events host and you're struggling to think of an event to host? Maybe you're a player and you aren't too sure how to play. Well, now you can educate yourself with these simple guides and explanations to popular Habbo events.

Wired is not needed for this game.

This game is simple, and it's one of the most popular old school games about on Habbo.

The host will start by filling the game area, they will then place random furniture (specifically chairs) and it's your job to try and sit on the chairs. Once you've got a chair, you're safe. If you're one of the last two, you should stand one space between each other and the host will place a chair in between you - the player who isn’t lucky and doesn’t sit down is out. You then carry this on until only one player is left. They are the winner!

Wired is needed for this game.

For this game, users sit in the gaming area on seats. Once the seating area is filled, the host sets a topic. Users then guess words associating with this topic (for example: the host may say 'colours', the players then say 'red', 'green', 'yellow'). One word, that the host has set on the wired, will teleport the player to the safe zone, which is a separate area in the game which is guarded by barriers and a gate. The last person to guess the correct key word is out. Players are then let back on to the seating area, where the game continues and repeats until only one person remains.

Wired needed for this game:
One Stack:
WIRED TRIGGER: User Says Keyword (For the word)
WIRED EFFECT: Teleport User to Furni (Select furni in the safe area)
​WIRED CONDITION: Triggering User Is On Furni (Select the seating area furni)

One stack will accommodate 5 players, the more players you want playing - the more stacks you will need.

Wired is not needed for this game.

For this game you will require coins.

Each player starts with two coins and then in an order that you (the host) decides, each player has a roll on a dice. Each number on the dice represents something, which you may have placed in your room promo or via a sticky on the wall. When a user rolls 'Bankrupt' they are out. When a user rolls 'P2K' they choose another player to be out (be careful not to say P2K on Habbo as you will be trade locked). If a user runs out of coins due to losing them, donating them or having them stolen, they are also out. The last player alive wins, they receive the amount of coins on in front of them and the aim of the game is to stock up as many coins as you can, and get out other players who you think are a threat to you. To spice the game up, the host may include gold bars, sacks, gold coins and silver coins. These are usually awarded to people who roll a #1 (which is gain).

Dice numbers:

  1. Gain (a coin/sack/GB)
  2. Lose (whatever is on the top of their pile)
  3. P2K
  4. Bankrupt (the player is out)
  5. Steal (one coin/sack/GB from another player [the currency on top of their pile])
  6. Donate (once coin/sack/GB to another player [the current on top of their pile])

Wired is needed for this game.

For this you will need a queue, 2 sets of teleports, a roller track and a "run stage". A user will go from the queue through a teleport and be teleported to the "run stage", this can be in a same room or another. They must then run across chairs or other obsticles and get to the teleport which will teleport them to the end of the roller track. If they successfully beat the chosen item they win!

Instead of teleports, this game can also be set up with wired - where all the game is set up in the same room. If you're good with wired, an extended tutorial of an automatic wired beat the ___ will be added soon.

Wired needed for this game:
One Stack:
WIRED TRIGGER: User walks on Furni (Select the furni that user walks off to get onto the run)
WIRED EFFECT: Move and Rotate Furni (Select the item that the users must beat, make it move in the direction of the rollers, so when the user walks off the selected item, the chosen item can start it's journey on the rollers)

Wired is not needed for this game.

Once the gaming area is filled, the host shouts STAB!, players then shout names of other players in the game. The first name that is called, after the host has shouted STAB!, is out. This continues until only one player remains. Stab is a game of skill and detecting who you think is going to try and get you out.

Tip: Have prepared which player you're going to try and 'stab' before the host calls

Whisper Stab:
This is exactly the same game as STAB, but instead of shouting names players whisper names to the host. This means players don't know who is trying to get them out. A lot of players do prefer playing this version of the game.

Wired is not needed for this game.

This game is a game of luck and complete randomness... The playing area is split into two halves, one for odd, and one for even. Players then take a guess at what number the host is going to roll - odd or even. If players choose correctly, they stay in the gaming area. If players guess incorrectly, they're out. This continues until only one player is left. There may be no winner in this game... It's all about luck!

Wired is not needed for this game.

Six chairs are lined up in the gaming area, once they're filled, the chairs are assigned numbers one to six, from left to right. The host then rolls a dice, whichever number is shown corresponds to what chair is moved forward. The aim of the game is to be the last to the end of the gaming area (the wall). Each time a player hits a wall, they must leave the game, as they're out. It is up to host whether they have STEAL on. This means players can take each others chairs.

Races is exactly the same, except the first player to touch the end of the gaming area (the wall) wins. Instead of the last!

Wired is not needed for this game. However, it could be used.

Sims is a game of two halves... quite literally! A game zone must be created and divided into 2. There will be 2 teams. The dice will be passed alternatively between the teams and will be rolled to decide what happens to the team. The following numbers correspond to the follows occurrence. The game must continue until there is one team left, the game can then be ended there or the winning team can be split until there is a final pair/individual winner.

  1. Gain Space (Move the dividers one space in favour of the rolling team)
  2. Lose Space (Move the dividers one space in disadvantage of the rolling team)
  3. Gain Player (A player from the opposing team or a new player must join the rolling team)
  4. Player Dies (The player who rolled the dice must exit the game, they are eliminated)
  5. Gain Furni (A piece of furni must be placed into the game zone of the rolling team)
  6. Lose Furni (A piece of furni must be taken away from the game zome of the rolling team)

Wired is not needed for this game. However, it could be used.

Players sit in the gaming area on seats and a fridge, protected by either a gate or set up with wired, is in the corner. Players then take turns to have one go on the fridge. What they have corresponds to what they have to do in the game.

Carrot: Dead (The user must leave the game)
Drink: Safe (The player may sit and wait there next turn)
Ice Cream: Pick to Kick (The player gets to kick someone else from the game)

Wired needed for this game (OPTIONAL):
One Stack:
WIRED TRIGGER: Furni State is Changed (Select the fridge)
WIRED EFFECT: Teleport User to Furni (Select a place in the gaming area)
WIRED EFFECT: Match Furni to State & Position (Select the fridge and have it turn 90 degrees)

This wired is so users can not press the fridge more than once

Wired is not needed for this game. However, it could be used.

The game area consists of three sections. Heaven, hell and a playing area. One random banzai teleporter is in heaven and one random banzai teleporter is in hell. Players then take it in turns to step on the banzai teleporter. If they get teleported to hell, they're out and they must exit the game. All the players that get teleported to heaven are safe and the heaven gate is opened to all of the players back in to the playing area.

This game is an easy and fun game to play and both heaven and hell are decorated accordingly to their names. Hosts often play very big games where the prize is, for example a GB - 2GBs. Heaven or Hell is a game of luck and there isn't always a winner. May the odds be ever in your favour.

Wired is not needed for this game.

The gaming area is set out with chairs placed in a circle and another chair in the middle of the circle. The middle chair is the 'nervous' chair and must be an equal distance from all of the other chairs. The host then sits by a fridge and takes a turn at the fridge at their own pace... Slow or fast. When the host gets a carrot, all of the players rush to the nervous chair (the chair in the middle), the player that reaches the chair first gets a roll on the dice. Each number represents something different:

  1. P2K (Pick to kick) one player.
  2. P2K (Pick to kick) two players.
  3. P2K (Pick to kick) a row of players.
  4. Safe
  5. Dead (out, player must exit)
  6. Dead and P2K (Pick to kick) a player.

Wired is not needed for this game.

At the start of the game, 'the mole' will be selected secretly by the host; then the game begins. Everyone must whisper to the host who they think the mole is, and if the mole gets 3 votes or more, the mole loses. The mole also whispers who they want to leave the game and whoever they pick auto-loses, if the mole didn't get 3 votes or more. A new mole is chosen each time they lose. The last person standing wins! It's a game of tactic and elimination. You have to be good at spotting who could be bluffing to find the mole!

Wired is not needed for this game.

The player sit in the gaming area and the host then begins to ask questions which can vary from different topics, such as Habbo Hotel News to Latest World News. It can be about anything, the host decides. The first player to then shout out loud the correct answer gets to kick someone from the game. This continues until only one player is left.

It's a game of skill and general knowledge... Get out your opponents with good general knowledge!

Trivia Races:
The host may also play trivia races, which is the exact same as Trivia but instead of kicking players, when you get a question you move one step forward. The first player to hit the wall wins!

Wired is not needed for this game.

This game is for the fast typers... The clue is in the name. The host will type something and say it out loud, it could be anything... It may contain random punctuation, capital letters and numbers, and it is the players job to copy exactly what the host has said first. The first person to shout out exactly what the host says is the fastest typer, and they get to kick someone from the game.

In this game the term 'NB:' may be used, this means Next bubble and it means the next time the hosts speaks, it will be the text you have to copy - so prepare yourself.

Wired is not needed for this game.

The host chooses a number which is the danger number, players then take it in turns to roll the dice. If they roll the danger number which is usually the number six the player is out. One of the most simple games to play on Habbo, the last player wins. These sort of games are usually incorporated into giveaways, so you've probably seen it on the hotel before!

Wired is needed for this game.

In the room there is several pods, all of different colours that have random banzai teleporters underneath them, this can be achieved by using a stack magic tile. All the pods of different colours are guarded by gates. The playing area is then filled and the host then announces which pod(s) is/are the danger pod(s). Users then step on a banzai teleporter that is placed into the gaming area, and hope that they don't get randomly teleported to the danger pod - because if they do, they're out. Wired automatically kicks them from the game, and that is explained below. To make rounds harder, more than one danger pod may be selected. Danger Pod is a game of luck and the last survivor is the winner. There is not always a winner in Danger Pod.

The term 'DP' may be used in this game - it means Danger Pod.

Wired needed for this game:
One Stack:
WIRED TRIGGER: User walks on furni (select the DP(s) for the round)
WIRED EFFECT: Teleport user to furni (select an area outside of the gaming area)

Freeze tiles teleporting method:
Instead of using gates to block the pods, some hosts like using freeze and exit tiles. These will be explained in another guide, so you can check that out in our guides section - but if you do not want to open gates to let people out of pods, you can simply double press your timer (if you have one set up) and it will teleport everyone out of the pods and onto an exit tile which is placed in the gaming area.

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