[Habbox] Zero Discrimination Day


Cobbo a month ago

Step 1:

To start, sit on the rocks

Step 2:

Step on all of the red tiles to make them green. Once they're all green, sit on the bus stop and enter the teleport.

You need to avoid the mannequins while doing this or you will be sent back to the start.

Step 3:

Sit on the red chairs and wait for the game to start.

Step 4:

Once in the game area, you have 1 minute to survive the moving mannequins. If you get hit, you are sent back to the red chairs. Once the tiles turn green, step on them to move onto the next step!

Step 5:

Enter the teleport:

Step 6:

Sit on the pura chairs and watch the bullying scene. Enter the teleport when you're finished.

Step 7:

Make your way to the colour tiles. Walk on the tiles to turn them green. Once they're all green, walk on the tiles below. Make sure to avoid the garbage otherwise, you'll be teleported back to the start.

Step 8:

Step on the tiles in front of the seats when the number matches the picture below

The order goes 4-7-3-9-0.

Step 9:

Enter the teleport

Step 10:

Sit on the pura seats and watch the scene. Once the scene is over, enter the teleport to receive your badge!


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Badge Information

  • Habbox Zero Discrimination Event 2016
    Stop Prejudice with Habbox!
  • Availability
    Not Available
  • Difficulty
  • Go to room

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