[HC] Zero Discrimination Day


Keegs: a month ago

Enter the teleport to begin your Zero Discrimination Journey!

Step on all the colour tiles highlighted below to collect your school belongings and then say "done" before the 30 seconds runs out.

Complete the roller maze and make your way to the marble tile without falling off.

Make your way through the one way gates till you get to the end. Beware they rotate really quick so just spam click "use".

Find the correct flower in each section by double clicking them until you get to the tree house.

Enter the runestone teleport to proceed to the next room.

Make your way to the school gates by avoiding the mannequins.

Enter the teleport to proceed into the next room.

Answer the following questions in the room with the answers shown below to complete the telephrase:

1. Butterfly

2. Over 3.2 million

3. 1st March 2014

4. Helps promote diversity and recognizes that everyone counts

5. Laws banning discrimination and promoting equality

6. A group who is unfairly blamed for something that others have done

Enter the green locker teleport to continue into the next room.

Guide the mannequin onto the four paint splats that are on the floor, once done flick the switches that will appear then enter the teleport. You have one minute to do this.

Complete the snake maze and get to the orange coloured tile shown below without falling off to continue.

Complete the one way gates by avoiding the red tiles and stepping on the green tiles to be teleported to the next stage.

Make your way to the end by avoiding the mannequins and flicking the switches to continue. The yellow tiles are the safe zone.

Enter the teleport to proceed.

Get the ball on one of the brown tiles in either sides of the nets and flick the switches when done then enter the teleport. Avoid the health nuts or they'll teleport you out of the game.

Match the colour tiles shown below to the ones that are highlighted, once you've done this then say "done" and enter the restaurant teleporter.

Keep flicking the switches in each section until you reach the teleport.

Enter the blue locker teleporter to continue into the next room.

Pick any of the flowers in the room to be teleported, when done enter the garden teleporter to proceed into the badge room.

Walk up to the steps and and say "Here's some flowers I picked for you Mum!" ( You need to type this out because copying it will not work )

Enter the runestone teleporter to receive your cute rainbow butterfly badge! 

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  • Habbcrazy Zero Discrimination Event 2016
    Getting to zero with Habbcrazy
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