[HFFM] Zero Discrimination Day


Keegs: a month ago

Make your way to the other side and sit on the red mushrooms to be teleported without interacting with the blue jimson weeds shown below.

Complete the snake maze shown below to continue, you need to do this without falling off the red rollers onto the tiles.

Only walk on the colour tiles and avoid stepping on the moving flowers shown below, when done enter the teleporter.

Only walk when the fairy statue is facing the same direction in the picture below.

Keep using the banzai teleporters until you reach the other side and then avoid the nail traps shown below otherwise you'll be teleported back to the start of the room.

Enter the teleporter to continue into the next room.

Find and flick the correct switch to continue but please beware that one or more may send you back to the previous room so watch out!

Enter the teleporter.

Complete the telephrase using the answers shown below as quickly as you can without falling off the rollers otherwise you'll be teleported to the start.

Zero Discrimination Day

Open up, reach out


Value and Embrace

1 March 2016

Use the switches by using the banzai teleporters to get over to them. Once you've flicked all 3 switches then say "done" and the two green gates will open but hurry as they're only open for 10 seconds! 

Enter the runestone teleporter to receive your cute pink butterfly badge! 

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Badge Information

  • HFFM Zero Discrimination Event 2016
    Open up, reach out
  • Availability
    Not Available
  • Difficulty
  • Go to room

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