[HQ] Zero Discrimination Day


Cobbo a month ago

Step 1:

This is a 2 person game. You and your partner have 30 seconds to move the books & the chair to the required position.

Use the arrow tiles to move the item & the switch to rotate.

Step 2:

For the chair:

The chair needs to be rotated 3 times.

Follow the path below.

The chair should end up like this:

For the books:

The books need to be rotated one time.

Follow the path below.

The books should end up like this:

Step 3:

Once you and your partner have got the items in the correct positions, stand on the glass door.

Step 4:

Enter the teleport to receive your badge!

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Badge Information

  • HabboQuests Zero Discrimination Event 2016
    Stand up with HabboQuests!
  • Availability
    Not Available
  • Difficulty
  • Go to room

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