Mumsnet's gets attacked!


owen881 a year ago
The co-founder of popular website for mums across the world has been swatted. 

Swatting, known for a person calling the police and threating to kill someone and telling where they live so the police/swat team could go to your house with armed weapons. This happened to the co-founder of the mumsnet. After the attack, the administration team of mumsnet took action by telling all users to change their passwords as a precautionary measure. They are still finding the person behind this with the police.

Another attack was put onto the site as well as they received threats via email of ddosed attacks then later their website was resulted in offline. After this attack, there was another attack! It was on their twitter account where it was hacked and posted strange messages to 7.7 million followers. Following the hack, the account was suspended. Another attack on the website was to popular users, those users we're harassed under the names of administrators on the site which gave confusion to the community.

A group has been claimed to did this account and their name is DadSecurity. So far, there has been no reasons by the attackers of the attack. The police are working together with Mumsnet and Twitter to take them down said Metropolitan police department.

What do you think? Do you think they will catch them for this hurtful crime?

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