NHS personal health spent on "patients treats"


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NHS personal health budgets spent on 'patient treats'

Thousands of pounds from NHS "personal health budgets" are spent on "treats" such as holidays and clothes, a freedom of Information request has found.

Some magazines have said money also went on "horse riding" and "art classes". The budget the NHS has is brought in by the government, this was made to give people with long-term conditions more aware and controlling over their health care.
The spending of NHS in England has to be authorised and agreed with the healthcare and professionals.

Own space
Patients had also decided along with professionals how their money was spent. It could be used alongside therapist to mainly help with depression, also assist with personal care. 

Some responses were sent from 33 clinics, groups (CCGs) out of 209.
  • In Northamptonshire, £2.55m was spent on personal health, this was from 161 patients in summer.
  • In Cornwall, £267,000 was spent on five people, including £2,080 on aromatherapy, £248 on horse riding and £7 on hiring pedalos.
  • In Stoke-on-Trent, there were £114,000 incidents that happened and this happened with 115 patients.
  • The highest spend per patient was found in West Sussex, where £2.6m was divided among 44 people.

Quality of life
A spokesman from England suggests the budget for personal health care were design for more control advice.
"The spending must be agreed between the individual and the NHS, meet the patient health and requirements, also outcomes.
"An independent evaluation has shown that personal health budgets are cost effective for people looking after their health, also improving their much-needed life.

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