Should Alton Towers reopen the Smiler?


XxDarloxX a year ago
Should Alton Towers reopen the Smiler?

The UK's best theme park Alton Towers are considering whether they will reopen their 18 million pound roller coaster, after two people were forced to have their leg amputated when the kart crashed into a stalled carriage.

The summer holidays, as you would expect it's usually the busiest time for the park, visitors can expect around 2 hour waiting times for the parks best attractions (such as Rita or Oblivion). But this year the park has been very quiet, visitors have been able to walk straight on some of the parks best rides due to the horrific accident.

This is not the first time something has gone wrong on the Smiler, back in November 2013 the wheels fell off the carriage hitting four riders.

So can Alton Towers afford to close their multi million pound ride or risk it striking again? 

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