[TH] Zero Discrimination Day


Keegs: a month ago

Only walk on the tiles that represent the colours highlighted below on the other side.

Wait in the queue until it's your turn to play.

Step on all the blue tiles below before the timer runs out which is 30 seconds!

Flick the switch shown below when you've stepped on all the colour tiles.

Enter the teleport to proceed into the next room.

Interact with the trash can shown below and click "use"

Walk on the trash until you find the correct one which opens the door.

Enter the answers below to complete the telephrase:

1) Butterfly

2) March 1st

3) Diversity

4) Nationality

Avoid the jellyfish and interact with the fish when it appears to be teleported! ( Jellyfish can't catch you if you're on the water patches )

Get to the other side without falling off the rollers and avoiding the mannequins, when done click either switch.

Enter the teleport to receive your butterfly badge!

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Badge Information

  • ThisHabbo Zero Discrimination Event 2016
    Stand out with ThisHabbo!
  • Availability
    Not Available
  • Difficulty
  • Go to room

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