The Canterbury Quakes


Matmanmax6 a year ago
5 Years ago was the start of what was to be the worst few years of Christchurch History.

The first of 10,000 quakes in just 2 years. A medium sized city in the South Island of New Zealand. The citizens of Christchurch were woken early in the morning to a shaking world, some being buried under bricks, stones, planks and concrete. Thankfully No one was killed although it led to a much bigger, stronger quake in February the following year, where hundreds of lives were lost.

Former Mayor of Christchurch, Sir Bob Parker, told 3 News today that "The scale of what we've had to work through as a city is pretty extraordinary, beyond anybody's expectations for sure." The Prime Minister, John Key, said there is still a long road ahead, but says the government stays committed to Canterbury. 
At dawn this morning thousands turned out on the Canterbury Coastline for a candlelight service to remember that terrible day in 2010.

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