Zombie game goes viral


owen881 a year ago
This week popular chat site known as Chat Roulette, Omegle and Skype got hands on experience on a real life zombie game live. 

None of the people on the otherside of the camera didn't know what was going to happen at all. They we're recorded in a testing of a live zombie game where they had to escape/kill the zombies. To do this, the person operating the game would say "Person, can you help me" and if they responded they would start the game. It wasn't really a game as they found out, it was a live camera on a gun like a first-person shooter where they had to write where they wanted the player to go and to shoot.

The recording shown the expressions of the people on camera as they had to complete the tasks ahead of them. Some we're calm and some we're just mental! The game was a mixture of real life and graphical designer which confused the person playing. The creator David Reynolds, he said that "I made the game to test 100 people online to see how they would cope if someone was trapped and resulted to a live webcam broadcast for help"

David also stated that his planning to get a partnership to help him get his project funded so other players could experience the game. The only problem David face through the live webcam game was that he kept getting his live feed cables tangled as he had to drag them behind him. He even said in one video, "I saw smoke come off my head and I knew at that point, my go-pro has screwed up!" He never found out what the problem was but after the clip went viral, Go-Pro offered him a free Go-Pro in exchange for his loss of the last one.

Click here to see a video of it.

What do you think? Pretty cool idea right? Would you like to play?

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